Congrats Petra & Lykke. ( A. Daphne Duplusa)  to; 2nd BOS and CC, at the Nordic Dog show in Gimo  26 of May!

Puppys 2017 pictured at 4 months

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DSC00205Together! Sadie & Anette   Cartman & Ida,       Ahrina & Alf        Comis & Gill               Winnie

Puppies 7 weeks

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lykke, svartvit Astolat’s Daphne Dùplusa, Lykke,  probably had one of  her happiest day in life ( according to herself) when she got to show what an  ecxellent shepherd’s dog’s she is.She’d never met a sheep before, but she did everything right when  it came to herding .

Waiting to get some pictures from Lykke’s owner,  Lotta, for future   publishing